Winter NAMM 2013 Editor's Pick
Analog Loop Bypass Switcher / Router / Mixer

The Pedal Palette is the first and only analog loop bypass switcher, router, and mixer capable of swapping effect pedals instantly while simultaneously providing a parallel mix bus. The routing and order of the effects is highly flexible and programmable offering unlimited options to create inspirational new sounds from existing pedals.
MIDI Controller / Loop Switcher

The Switch Dr. is a versatile and simple to program master controller that combines fully programmable MIDI control, true-bypass audio effects loops, and amp channel switching capabilities. The compact yet powerful Switch Dr. design is easy to use and meets all of your most basic needs – from sending a single program change to controlling an entire rig.
Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Pedal Power Supplies 

Choose from three DB-11 Hot Stone isolated DC power supply models, each featuring short circuit protected isolated outputs to eliminate hum or interaction between pedals, Toroidal transformer with additional magnetic shielding, heavy-duty 2mm steel chassis and 5-year warranty. 
Split Personality Amp Switcher 

The Decibel Eleven Split Personality Amp Switcher delivers the performance you want by eliminating the buzz and hum caused by ground loops. The Class-A, discrete input buffer eliminates losses and loading problems due to splitting. In addition, the Split Personality is the only amp switcher pedal that is directly MIDI controllable and provides easy integration with any midi-controlled set up. 

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Trending Now From Decibel Eleven
Decibel Eleven Loop Expander

The Decibel Eleven Loop Expander is a true bypass audio switcher that adds programmable effects loop switching to any MIDI controlled setup. Use it to add loop switching to any existing system with a simple MIDI controller, or utilize it to expand the number of true bypass loops with a DB-11 Pedal Palette™ or Switch Dr. ™ . The compact size mounts conveniently underneath pedals or on a rack shelf.
Overdrive Distortion Pedal

The Decibel Eleven Dirt Clod is a fully analog overdrive distortion pedal featuring 10 memory presets. Whatever music you play, the Dirt Clod provides a wide range of distortion sounds with two styles of clipping in addition to variable mid and high controls. You may easily save presets and recall as needed by accessing two different presets side by side – or use the Dirt Clod bank mode to scroll and select your preferred presets.
Analog Delay with Digital Control 

 A true analog delay pedal, the Decibel Eleven Time After Time combines vintage Bucket Brigade technology with ecstatically modern features and control. This is a full-featured analog delay offering more than ½-second of delay time, an all analog signal path and two-speed modulation with adjustable depth. But wait, there is more. The Time After Time delay pedal can store up to 11 memory presets, includes TAP tempo control, adjustable modulation, tails spillover or true bypass and allows for full MIDI control.